Sandi Chenoweth is the BEST of the BEST! We have been acquainted for many years and have had 7 Real Estate transactions with her (from my mother, my daughter and me). She leaves no stone unturned, and goes above and beyond in every way. Her immediate response to inquiries is appreciated as is her attention to detail on every level. A+++++ for Sandi. I would refer her without question. 
-Patricia Coleman

This transaction was our sixth (!) with Sandi Chenoweth since the Fall of 2007.  Obviously we have been extremely pleased each time!  As a former Realtor, I really appreciate Sandi's attention to detail, her willingness to work with the Seller, and her vast network of other suppliers of all kinds, before and after a purchase or sale.  We will continue to highly recommend Sandi for anyone's RE needs in North Co. SD.
-Carolyn & Tom McGurn

Sandi Chenoweth is a remarkable agent who pays such attention to tiny details and we had so much confidence in her with buying our new house and selling our old house.  The agent on the latter transaction admitted it was one of the most difficult escrows he had experienced due to his client, but Sandi never flinched all through it, remained so professional!  She presented us with comps and gave us info on why our home might be more or less than various comps.  We were very comfortable with the pricing strategy she suggested & were comfortable with the way she negotiated on our behalf.  We were kept well informed on all the details & documents as we worked through the 2 escrows.  She is so knowledgeable!  Promptness is also one of her best traits.
-Tom & Pat Gregory

Sandi Chenoweth is a delightful professional who stood by me every step of the way towards my purchase at 2068 Alta Vista Drive!
She is proficient in making sure all inspections were scheduled, explained options carefully to me and even spent her day at my property for the home inspection.  She contracted roofers & other professionals in assistance to getting repair bids.  I will be recommending friends & family to work w/ Sandi.  She even went back to seller & negotiated their payment of my closing costs which was greatly appreciated!  
Sandi, Thank You!
-Kathy Derham

Sandi Chenoweth was outstanding as always.  This is our 5th real estate transaction with her, so that says volumes.
Sandi's attention to detail, prompt responses to concerns, and her dedication to serving her clients (going above and beyond expectations) is much apprciated.  Her Real Estate knowledge is impressive and sharing that with her clients is reason enough to recommend her to others without hesitation.
A+++ for Sandi!
-Cinda and Pat

Sandi, Wow! For someone with no prior real estate experience, we couldn't believe how much hustle, hard work and drama involved in selling a home! We feel lucky to have had your support and knowledge to help us navigate the sale. You juggled so many miscellaneous tasks and bumps in the road with extreme grace. We are so grateful for all of the extra effort that you put in. We feel so glad about how it all turned out. Thank you!
-Scott & Katy Ralston
Sandi Chenoweth
Sandi Chenoweth
Senior Sales Associate
1472 Encinitas Blvd Encinitas CA 92024